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3 Powerful Ways Waistbeads Will Enhance Your Life

Blue, brown, red, colourful waistbeads overlapping each other

In this fast-paced, consumer-driven, often exhausting world, women are taking their power back by slowing down. We have slowed down, we are reconnecting with ourselves, and we are finding ways to uncover and dig into our roots, and through the digging, we are making the decision to grow.

What a truly wonderful time to be alive. And not only alive but wild.

If you have been wanting to invest in yourself by beginning your waistbeads journey, you are at the right place. Your spirit has led you to this place for these 3 reasons.

1. Waistbeads will impact your relationship with food. Semi-permanent waistbeads are strands that are tied and knotted on. This means they are not easily removed. When tied on, your strands will make you aware of the eating habits you have cultivated over the years. You will begin to connect the food you eat to the way your body reacts, look, and feel. By design, when you indulge past your capacity, your strands will become tighter. When you eat foods that do not benefit your body, your strands will react to the bloat and become uncomfortable until the bloat is relieved. When you nourish your body with good food, your waistbeads will loosen, as you lose weight and maintain where you feel good.

2. A common outcome of existing in a society where being harsh is celebrated and affirmed, we often lose the soft relationship we had with our bodies. Waistbeads, while not easy to break, are fragile and will require you to be gentle with your body to prolong their relationship with you. Showering, getting dressed, and engaging in physical activities will take on a different expression when you consider your relationship with your waistbeads and your body. Re-learning a gentle relationship with your body and with yourself, will open up doors of trust, care, and consistency required to build a healthy self-love and self-care routine.

2 Black women with curly hair, standing arms around each other in beige underwear looking at the camera.

3. Whether you believe waistbeads should be a private expression or a public affection, if you resonate with this part of your transformation, your strands will affect how you clothe your body. Depending on your style choices, strands with smaller beads, medium beads, or larger beads will be in relationship with your clothing. Investing in a strand or 2 may be the answer to the urge you have been feeling to switch up your style.

Wearing waistbeads can be as intricate, holistic, and spiritual as you desire. Your journey may have begun simply, but your spirit can be calling for more depth and intentionality. Some women are content with waistbeads being a fashion choice, while some women are looking for a deeper connection to their body, to their ancestral roots, to their expression of womanhood, and to their divine power.

Whatever reason you resonate with beginning, or continuing your waistbeads journey, with your permission, they will have the ability to enhance your life in these 3 powerful ways.

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