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This offering is designed to facilitate the holiness of your body in sacred ceremony. Each ceremony is grounded in the act of self-remembrance, and is accomplished through spiritual and logical intuitive alignment, conversations, joy, and self-reflection. 


Each ceremony includes meditation, prayer, a calling in, music, dance, conversations, the elements, and the senses. It is my joy to create a sensual experience for you to reflect on and create the journey you want to take with your waistbeads.

Waistbeads for some is a vanity project. For me, I knew they were more than that and needed to buy from someone who poured care in to making them. The quality of the product shows. The strands carefully and beautifully made. I opted to do a ceremony to support putting them on for the first time. It was cleansing, moving and powerful. If you want pretty things on your body - wonderful. If you want wellness and care - this is a great choice.

- review by Tanya Hayles

Ceremonial Times

* New Moon * Full Moon * Equinox * Solstice * Shifting Seasons * Whenever you need it.


* Releasing * Calling in * Restoring * Cleansing

All Ceremonies are pay-what-you-can.

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