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All About SJC

Shakarah, Arabic for v: "to thank" n: "thankful" is the foundation for Sha.karah Jewelry Co. Each piece is created from a place of thankfulness and gratitude; thankful to The Creator, thankful to the earth, thankful to our bodies, thankful to our magic, and deepest of all thankful to our ancestors. A Black owned and operated creative venture, these pieces are created in small batches with the intention to remind you of who you are, to inspire your wildness to flourish in a world that sees wild women as a flaw. This holy work is a reminder that we are the affirmation. We are the "YES YES" of our ancestors.

Owner and designer The Wild Woman is a Jamaican born resident of Canada, an intuitive, queer, wild Black woman who is a mother, an award winning spoken word artist, and a Spirit led bead worker. The Wild Woman spends her time in gratitude writing and performing poetry, creating intentional ancestral reminders, while raising a little wild girl to create and embrace her own magic.

Inspired by nature and all of its abundance Sha.karah Jewelry Co. is love made visible.

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The Wild Woman

Out of everything in this lifetime, the one thing I want more of is myself. I want myself deeply and earnestly.

I want myself to be happy, joyful, peaceful, purposeful, free, content, powerful, bold, aware, wise, intuitive, quiet, loved and loving, soft, gentle, prayerful.


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