• Lamoi

January Blessings

Alexa play "It's a newwww seaaassooonnn".

January 2020 is a month of recognized newness, not only are we celebrating a new year, but we are blessed to be celebrating a new decade, and if your birthday is in this month, you are embarking on your personal new year. That's a lot!...Are you tired?

Here are your Garnet blessings

3 rough red Garnet stones with foliage
Pic from ThirdEyeMoonCrystals

- May this month be a time of not only recognizing your power but also standing in it with your whole chest. May your creative energy and endeavors align with what you are naturally gifted and skilled in. If you are good at it, you are good at it for a reason.

- May you remember how to birth beauty out of chaos, and be sensual with it. Create, curate, and design your life, your surroundings, and your relationships from a place of deep intense emotions. That fire can be your gift if you would stop trying to dismiss and dismantle your feelings.

- You are protected, believe that. Pay attention to the energies around you that inspire you to look deeper, closer, and with curiosity. Pay attention to how you FEEL. Pay attention to the memories that arise. Pay attention to your intuition. Your awareness will be swift, hold on to it, and allow it to balance and center your soul..

If your birthday is in January, I wish you the happiest of returns! Have some cake for me, I love cake.