• Lamoi

February Blessings

Large Amethyst stone in the middle of an open palm.

May this month remind you that there is more to your existence than your surface level. The stunning Amethyst stone holds the ability to expand the higher mind, grasp that flight and get ready for your more to make its way to you.

May you create access lanes for creativity and passion to flow unhindered and wild. I hope you come to terms with what you are good at, and get better. I also you come to terms with what you need to work on, and pour your magic into that part of yourself.

May your imagination be strengthened. Don't give up on your wild ass dreams, they belong to you for your bettering. As you commit to excavating your thinking processes, listen deeply to your intuition, let it guide you out of your wilderness and into the lush.

Welcome success.

Welcome growth.

Welcome the new.

As a proud Black owned company, may the Amethyst stone guide you to your Black magic.


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