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OBDS Waist Beads Ceremony

Join The Wild Woman and OBDS for a sacred Waist Beads Ceremony for Black Mother's, Women and Femmes. 

This offering is designed to facilitate the holiness of your body in sacred ceremony. Each ceremony is grounded in the act of self-remembrance, and is accomplished through spiritual and logical intuitive alignment, conversations, joy, and self-reflection.

Each ceremony includes meditation, prayer, a calling in, music, dance, conversations, the elements, and the senses. It is my joy to create a sensual experience for you to reflect on and create the journey you want to take with your waist beads. Let us rejuvenate your soft life together.


The FULL PACKAGE includes everything you will need for this ceremony. We did all the work for you so it's one less thing for you to think about! Your kit includes and is not limited to: 1 strand of waist beads of your choice (each strand is made to 41"), cleansing sticks, candle, matches, crystal to aid ceremony, notebook and a pen.

Please note that materials are subject to change,

but will contain all materials needed for the ceremony. 

TICKET ONLY is for your ticket, and 1 strand of waist beads only. You will be sent an email with a list of workshop materials, and instructions for you to source the materials on your own. 

About The Ontario Black Doula Society


The Ontario Black Doula Society is a collective of community care professionals who are passionate about Community Rooted Culturally Affirming Care.

waist bead ceremony (1).png

We are committed to creating inclusive and affirming spaces for ongoing professional and personal development for doulas, birth workers, community care workers, and helpers who support the African, Caribbean and Black communities across Ontario.


We provide our communities with resources, connection and education to allow African, Caribbean and Black Doulas to excel professionally in Ontario while building awareness about the Black Maternal Health Crisis In Ontario.

Together we can build ways of caring that are compassionate & considerate. Ways that value Black life.

*** Proceeds from this workshop to benefit and support the Black Doula Society***

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